Labor Law

Labor Law

It is quite common for our labor law experts to participate in the negotiation, drafting and extinguishment of employment contracts. They have vast experience in collective bargaining, in the design of strategies to confront labor disputes, and in corporate restructuring such as contract suspension, collective layoffs, changes in working conditions, bankruptcy dockets and all related matters. Our team has extensive experience advising its clients in respect of the labor authorities and intervening in judicial proceedings.


We counsel our clients broadly in:


Hiring: Employment contracts in general and the hiring of senior managers. Exclusivity, non-competition and confidentiality covenants. Immigration proceedings.


Human Resources: Compensation systems and stock option plans, pension plans and supplemental retirement savings. Manual on behavioral policies and protocols. Occupational risk prevention.


Collective bargaining and labor relations: Collective bargaining agreements, arrangements and contracts. Strikes and lockouts.


Corporate reorganizations and production decentralization: Company transmission, succession. Outsourcing and subcontracting. Labor and social security audits (due diligences).


Dismissals and restructuring: Individual dismissals. Records of the regulation of contract suspension or extinguishment. Bankruptcy dockets. Collective change in working conditions, collective transfers.


Social arbitration and litigation: Arbitration and extrajudicial dispute resolution. Individual proceedings of all types. Remedies of protection.


Administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings: Visits to the Labor Inspection Bureau. Defense in inquests. Work accidents. Settlement of social security debt. Contentious-administrative appeals.