Our experts address the following areas:

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

Puga Ortiz has lengthy and great expertise in insolvency, both for the liquidation and reorganization of companies and for people in crisis.

Our counsel extends, among other areas, to group restructuring, debt refinancing, the defense of lender and borrower rights, analysis of civil and criminal liability of borrowers and of the directors, managers, or administrators of those borrowers, as well as counsel to partners or shareholders in the insolvent companies to protect their interests and personal wealth.

We have a highly skilled team experienced in:

  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Assistance prior to the bankruptcy proceeding.
  • The liability of directors, managers and administrators.
  • Preparation of compositions with creditors.
  • Assistance in bankruptcy administration.
  • Assistance in the liquidation phase.
  • Recognition and enforcement of court decisions rendered during foreign bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Structuring of investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities.
  • Securing singular or syndicated financing for companies experiencing a solvency or growth crisis.
  • Assistance in selling companies suffering from solvency or working capital troubles.
  • Credit protection:

- Objection and recognition of credits.

- Defense of lenders’ rights

- Enforcement of guarantees

- Recognition and enforcement of foreign loans and guarantees in Chilean bankruptcy proceedings and, generall,y in bankruptcy proceedings related to cross-border insolvency.