This privacy policy, hereinafter the “Privacy Policy,” sets down the general guidelines for the treatment of personal data, personal information and documentation, hereinafter “Personal Data,” and any changes to that data provided by the clients of Puga Ortiz y Compañía Limitada, hereinafter PugaǀOrtiz as part of the provision of legal services, hereinafter the “Services,” to individuals and legal entities that retain services from PugaǀOrtiz, hereinafter the “Client” or “Clients.”

As part of the provision of the services, Puga Ortiz undertakes to gather and/or treat personal data strictly subject to the Client’s instructions, Code of Ethics of the Chilean Bar Association and Privacy Protection Law 19,628 and Consumer Rights Protection Law 19,496.

The Personal Data of executives, directors, employees, agents or collaborators disclosed, delivered or provided by Clients to PugaǀOrtiz will only be used by PugaǀOrtiz according to the terms of the Privacy Policy as long as there is a contractual relationship with the Client.

If a Client retaining services with PugaǀOrtiz disclosed, delivers or provides Personal Data of third parties, it will be presumed that the Clients holds the respective authorizations from such third parties to disclose, deliver or provide such Personal Data to PugaǀOrtiz and has given them notice of the scopes of the Privacy Policy. The Client will be liable to PugaǀOrtiz for any damages from lack of proper authorization to disclose, deliver of provide personal data of third parties may cause thereto.

PugaǀOrtiz will treat Personal Data to which it has access as part of the provision of services as long as it has a contractual relationship with the Client and will stop treating or using such data upon termination of that relationship. PugaǀOrtiz may send advertising, informational or commercial electronic communications to Clients.

PugaǀOrtiz may mention the name of Clients and the area, sector or specialty in which it counsels them or provides services or generically cite particular assistance in presentations and commercial actions, save specific prohibition by the Client according to the Privacy Policy. Notwithstanding the stipulations in Privacy Protection Law 19,628 and Consumer Rights Protection Law 19,496, PugaǀOrtiz will, at the Client’s mere request, erase personal data received as part of the services from its records. The Client may always request that its data be corrected or use or access be limited or restricted or use thereof ceased. This request must be submitted in writing by notice sent to Avenida Presidente Riesco 5561, 8th floor, Municipality of Las Condes, Metropolitan Region, or by e-mail to

The foregoing notwithstanding, preexisting elements of information and all associated documents that are proprietary to PugaǀOrtiz or the Clients at the time the service begins are and will continue to belong to each thereof. Moreover, any element of intellect, document or deliverable and, generally, any material that may be protected under intellectual or industrial property laws that originates in or becomes a specific product directly from the Service that does not correspond to preexisting elements proprietary to the Client will be the property of PugaǀOrtiz.